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I say again: there are no pictures of Miley Cyrus minus her panties here. Nope.

But I’ll bet this post that has nothing whatsoever to do with naked Miley Cyrus brings in a whole new kind of readership.

Ha. I crack myself up.

For those not here for the allegedly-underwear-challenged Miley, just a stunning ol’ newsflash for you: a substantive post is actually coming. I mean one with no meta-narratives about blogging or strange digressions into the depths of irrelevancy.

Okay, I can promise the former, but not the latter. Stay tuned.

Oh, and since some of you traveled from afar just for the under-whelmingly quasi-talented equine-faced and very under-aged Ms. Cyrus, here’s a real picture of her and some really big boobs. Enjoy!

Because I really care about my readers.


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